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Sample IDSample nameDate AnalyzedAnalysisPsilocybinPsilocinBaeocystinTotal Psilocybin Equivalents


The information presented here is intended solely for educational and informational purposes. It should not be construed as an endorsement or encouragement to use Psilocybe mushrooms or any other substances. The use of such substances is subject to legal regulations and health risks that vary by jurisdiction. Please seek guidance from medical professionals and adhere to local laws and regulations when considering any substance use.

*Exercise Caution:

The 'Total Psilocybin Equivalents' value, which we provide for comparing different Psilocybe mushroom varieties, should be approached with care. It is derived from a stoichiometric sum of the masses of various tryptamines analyzed, but it may not offer a precise representation of potency. Different compounds within the mushrooms exhibit distinct dose responses, making this value semi-meaningless in predicting the actual effects of consumption. While it can serve as a rough reference point for comparing different varietals, please be aware that individual experiences can vary significantly due to the complex interplay of these compounds and individual tolerance levels. Always start with small doses and exercise caution when exploring new mushroom varieties.